Rozjíždí banjo – cvrdliká/ do toho spustí mandolina

The boat rides south of Ailsa Craig in the waning of the light
There´s thirty men i Lendalfit to make our burden light
And there´s thirty horse in Hazleholm with the halters on their heads
All set this night up on your life if wind and water speed

Smugglers drink of the Frenchmen´s time
And the darkest nighr is the smuggler´s time
Away we ran from the excise man
It´s a smugglers life for me
It´s a smugglers life for me

Solo banjo

Podehrávají housle

Oh lass you have a cozy bed and cattle you have ten
Can you not live a lawful life and live with lawful men
But must I use old homely goods while there´s foreign gear so fine
Must I drind at the waterside and France so full of wine

Smugglers drink….

Solo housle

Podehrává mandolina

Though well I like to see you Kate with a baby on your knee
My heart is now with gallant crew that plough through the angry sea
The bitter gale the tightest sail, and the sheltered bay or goal
It´s the wayward life, it´s smuggler´s strife, it´s the joy of the smuggler´s
Smugglers drink….

Smugglers drink….

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