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About The Funny Grass band

The Funny Grass Band has always focused mostly on the traditional bluegrass, country and irish music. For our performances in abroad we include our programme some Czech and Moravian folk songs or some of our own songs. Our instrumental set-up is typical for bluegrass music, i.e. mandolin, banjo, double bass, guitar, dobro, occasionally mouth harp, fiddle or irish flute in some songs.

The beginnings of the band are hard to trace because it originally started in 2002 as a nameless group of several musician friends from various bluegrass bands . The Funny Grass band created the CD – „No time to loose…“, in the spring 2007,which contains mainly bluegrass and also some irish music. You can enjoy to a rich selection of songs favoured by audience.

The band will continue to focus mainly on traditional bluegrass and Irish music, especially vocally interesting compositions. The overall impression is further enhanced by the visual impact of the band, where the band often stands around a condenser microphone in a stylish ancient stage outfit at traditional bluegrass events.




Karel (Karlos) Soucek – mandolin, vocals, and Barbora Soucek – guitar and vocals whose pleasant sounding duets are the basis of most songs.

The band gradually went through several base and banjo players until 2003 when we finally found a stable bassist Robin Franc

who proved also as a great support for the band‘s harmonies. In 2017  when the band has started  its renewal after two-year stagnation caused by health problems in Soucek’s family, Robin leaves not only the band but also his native country and plunges into far-off waters.  🙂   He was hired as „the boatsmann“ on the „La Grace“ brig.





Petr Ivan then becomes a new bass player, who until then active player of several bands in Liberec.

In 2004 the Funny Grass finally found the stable banjo player

Mirek Suchanek

Since the beginning of 2006, Funny Grass had invited a guest to the fiddle –

David Koucky, who played in the band until 2009. For his occupation by other bands and interests, he only exceptionaly act as a guest the band.


At the beginning of 2009 the band invited another guest – the dobro player  Jaroslav Handlir

By his numerous appearances he deserved the title of a “stable guest”, and thanks to a fantastic collaboration and mutual sympathies he has became another member of this musical corp.

The Funny Grass often performs multi-voice cross vocals, which only a few bands are able to performe.

The Funny Grass band is reviving again after two years of silence. We decided to concentrate more on playing our own songs, but we will not leave our favorite songs from traditional bluegrass, western-swing, honky-tong …etc

In 2018, Jan Richter also started playing with the band, playing for „dobro“ and so comes his time to show you what he can do.

The Funny Grass band was very long time in the same formation, only sometimes changed the musician guests and I hope when this band will be play and ofer good mode long time to the future.



If you want to hire this band, you can call :

Karlos – 00420 770 121 244  (speaking English or Polish)

Barbora 00420 777 231 581 (speaking German or English)